Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard inaugurated as Professor of Sociology

She was appointed Professor by special appointment as of September 30 2020, but due to the pandemic her inaugural lecture was postponed untill now. 

She was recently featured in a piece by De Volkskrant  where the video-based research she leads in the Network was the focus. 

Her lecture, entitled Violence in Action: What We See, and What We Know, can read here or viewed here 


Night Life
Night-Life Security Staff

Phie van Rompu

Free fight groups and hooligans

Rozalie Lekkerkerk

Delinquent youth
Delinquent youth

Floris Mosselman

Police teams
Police teams

Laura Keesman


Raheel Dhattiwala and Don Weenink

Vigilante Mob
Vigilante mob violence

Muhammad Asif

Video analysis
Video analysis of violent interactions

Raheel Dhattiwala, David van der Duin and Don Weenink

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