Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard  says in an interview with NRC that "people are willing to make an extra effort for the vulnerable - as long as it is clear how, when and for how long.

By looking carefully at what people actually do in real-life pandemic times, you see citizen compliance, solidarity and responsibility. Based on her research using real-life videos from the pandemic, she argues that "the image that people only think of self-interest is [...] not what we see. Especially in crisis situations people tend to feel responsible for the group".



March 30, 2021

Short documentary GoodHabitz Moments

Short documentary GoodHabitz Moments  On my experiences with violence in homeless shelters and sociological view on violent incidents in policing for e-learning module ‘conflict management’. Internationally distributed, production by Myrugia Joseph.…

January 30, 2021

Hoe ontsporen rellen? Een gesprek met Laura Keesman

Jelle van Baardewijk in gesprek met politieonderzoeker Laura Keesman over de rellen van de afgelopen week.

January 27, 2021

Hoe komt het dat de coronademonstraties eindigen in relschopperij?

Artikel in Folia met Don Weenink door Marleen Hoebe

Lees hier het interview