Dr. Peter Ejbye-Ernst defended his PhD thesis entitled Intervention in (Inter)Action: A video-based analysis of the role of third parties in interpersonal conflicts at the Universiteit van Amsterdam April 13th.

Peter's research shows that the way that people intervene is influenced by the gender of the people fighting, the severity of the situation, their own past behaviors in the situation, and if they know any of the involved parties. His findings indicate that stopping a fight is rarely an easy task but rather requires persistence and a willingness to physically involve yourself. While this project can’t tell if someone should take action or not, it does point towards what is needed if you want to be successful in trying to stop a conflict from escalating further: you have to be decisive and persistent.

His thesis can be read here


March 30, 2021

Short documentary GoodHabitz Moments

Short documentary GoodHabitz Moments  On my experiences with violence in homeless shelters and sociological view on violent incidents in policing for e-learning module ‘conflict management’. Internationally distributed, production by Myrugia Joseph.…

January 30, 2021

Hoe ontsporen rellen? Een gesprek met Laura Keesman

Jelle van Baardewijk in gesprek met politieonderzoeker Laura Keesman over de rellen van de afgelopen week.

January 27, 2021

Hoe komt het dat de coronademonstraties eindigen in relschopperij?

Artikel in Folia met Don Weenink door Marleen Hoebe

Lees hier het interview