Rene Tuma co-editor of a special issue on violence in Historic Social Research

Rene Tuma (Universität Berlin & the Amsterdam Network) has co-edited a Special Issue entitled "Visibilities of Violence: Microscopic Studies of Violent Events and Beyond" with Thomas Hoebel (Hamburg Institute for Social Research) and Jo Reichertz (Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen (KWI)). 

The issue gives an overview of the current state of the art in qualitative research on violent events and beyond. The availability of audiovisual data has generated a variety of microscopic studies unraveling the details of violent interactions. Beyond an overview of the landscape, the issue also adresses especially the temporal embedding and unfolding of violent events. Methodolocial, theoretical and ethical problems in this contested field are the focus of the final part.

The issue features articles by Laura D. Keesman and Don Weenink, as well as Tuma (with colleague Ekkehard Coenen), and other prominent social researchers using video analysis. 
Keesman LD and Weenink D (2022): Feel it Coming: Situational Turning Points in Police-Civilian Encounters. In Historical Social Research 47 (1): 88-110.
Coenen E and Tuma R (2022): Contextural and Contextual – Introducing a Heuristic of Third Parties in Sequences of Violence. In Historical Social Research 47 (1): 200-224. 
Night Life
Night-Life Security Staff

Phie van Rompu

Free fight groups and hooligans

Rozalie Lekkerkerk

Delinquent youth
Delinquent youth

Floris Mosselman

Police teams
Police teams

Laura Keesman


Raheel Dhattiwala and Don Weenink

Vigilante Mob
Vigilante mob violence

Muhammad Asif

Video analysis
Video analysis of violent interactions

Raheel Dhattiwala, David van der Duin and Don Weenink

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