Camilla Bank Friis' PhD Defense

Camilla Bank Friis' PhD Defense

Dr. Camilla Bank Friis defended her PhD Thesis entitled Ticket Inspection in Action: Managing Impressions, Status, and Emotions in Contested Everyday Encounters at Københavns Universitet March 17th. 


Camilla's key findings include

  • Ticket fining events are character contests with behavioral displays that claim or give status.
  • Passengers convey an innocent, honest, wronged, defiant, or superior self-presentation type in contested encounters.
  • Aggressive passengers typically convey a defiant or superior self-presentation and shift between multiple types during the event.
  • The ticket inspectors' confinement of the passenger’s physical space is a key risk factor for victimization.
  • The ticket inspectors use emotional displays of dominance and sympathy strategically to avoid escalation and control the course of the event.
  • The ticket inspectors perform group-specific enforcement styles focused on either service or justice.

Her thesis is available as an E-book at Academic Books

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